“Let’s see where did I put the LiFePO4 battery?”——Chris

When I build anything, I always carry in the back of my mind the thought that: "If it does not have FORM, it doesn't have FUNCTION".

I do tend to do some things others wouldn't consider like the battery location.

My LiFePO4 battery is used on a 6x12 cargo trailer conversion. I built a battery box behind my passenger side fender. The battery fits like a glove and is the perfect size, physically and AH wise. Next summer I will focus on monitoring temperatures in that battery box if I get parked in direct sun. If it runs too high, I will be putting in a forced air system to cool it.

I only have 400 watts solar power on the roof and it seems to do OK. I also recently purchased a LiFePO4 30A battery charger. I did this because I do usually have a generator and if I would need to, I can get 30A back into it easily.

Next summer I am going to rearrange the panels on the roof and there might be room for 600 watts. (as recommended by Ampere Time)

Still learning a lot with the Lithium, I really think it is the perfect LiFePO4 battery for me. I DID set my charge controller up to stop charging the lithium somewhere around 34 degrees F just to see if it worked. With ice on the temp sensor, I found the charge controller did pull off from charging and did not turn back on until about 46 degrees. I chose just to not worry about it, so that is why it is inside safe and secure.

Thanks Again. I really did have a great summer with that Ampere Time battery and I do recommend it when anyone asks.